About BTK9

Welcome to Breakthrough K9 Training! We are so glad you have taken the time to visit our website. If you are reading this, you have taken the first step in developing a great relationship with your dog. From the simplest behavior problem to more severe challenges, our goal is to help you achieve your breakthrough! My husband Lenny and myself (Stephanie), have been training and rehabilitating dogs for over 10 years. Active in Rottweiler rescue, we have experience working with and raising new born pups (rescue surprises) to senior dogs, (yes old dogs can learn new tricks) to handicap dogs in wheelchairs! (dogs never know they are disabled)

Lenny’s strong pack leadership comes from growing up in a family who raised and trained German Shepherds and bird hunting dogs along with a menagerie of mutts, cats, hamsters, you name it! Lenny’s invaluable ability to keep cool under pressure comes from being a 23 year veteran of law enforcement.

I have been rescuing anything that needs rescuing since I was a child and have owned my own pet sitting business for 12+ years. I have the added advantage of having been a veterinary assistant and love working with dogs who have disabilities. I have experience working with deaf dogs, blind dogs, even wheelchair bound dogs, all of whom can still learn good manners and live happy and enriched lives! (Ask us how our e-collar training method can help your disabled dog!)

We have 2 teenagers who have grown up around multiple dogs and are both well versed in pack leader training. Jesse and Christina have been assisting us in training and behavior modification since they were young pups themselves! Christina has a gift with dogs due to her unbridled confidence that dogs just sense. Jesse’s laid back attitude has helped our more timid rescue dogs to relax quicker. Both work side by side us during structured walks, providing invaluable distraction during training, and assist us with capturing video and pictures of our new clients progress! Both Lenny and I have had the privilege to have studied and train under Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training in RI and Sean O’Shea of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, CA. Additionally, Lenny has trained under Tyler Muto and Josh Moran of K9 Connection in Buffalo, NY and I have trained with Curtis and Meredith Craig of The Calm K9, TN.

Lenny is originally from Buffalo, NY and I was raised in Alexandria, VA. We both have family from Europe, Lenny’s family from Italy and mine from Switzerland. We have been blessed to be able to visit with our extended family throughout our lives.

Lenny and both kids are avid hunters and are all active with Insight Outdoor Ministry, offering clay shoots to youth hunting and fishing opportunities geared to keep kids plugged in with their families. When I’m not researching new training tips or learning more about canine behavior, I enjoy traveling to historic sites and am an avid reader and student of our nation’s founding.

Breakthrough K9 Training would not exist had a Rottweiler named Tug Boat not entered our lives!

Tug had everything going against him, from bad breeding being a product of a puppy mill, to owners who impulsively purchased him as a Christmas present when he was 12 weeks old, then provided no structure or training. After a year with no defined boundaries or clear expectations, Tug grew into a bratty beast; they wanted him gone and dumped him at the shelter.

Read Tug’s Story and find out about our very first breakthrough!

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Breakthrough K9 Training proudly serves clients in the Central Virginia including Richmond VA, Colonial Heights VA and Petersburg VA.