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Photos & Videos

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Tug’s Story

Watch a short video detailing how far our beloved Rottie “Tug” has come since we first got him to today, he is living proof! Tug has transformed from being an aggressive “orphan” to a cherished and loving member of our family.


Tug and the “Out” Command”

Kona’s Introduction to the Prong Collar

Roux – Extremely Leash Reactive Catahoula

Huck Proofing His Puppy Skills at Bass Pro

Introduction Of e-Collar To Anxious GSD – Sampson

Dog reactive Penelope the poodle doing pack walk and socialization at Stoney Point

Enzo – Jumpy, Nippy Portuguese Water Dog…(used to be!)

“Place” and Impulse Control

Puppy Training at BTK9T

Sasha – Uncertain and Fearful Female German Shepherd and Her Intro to BTK9

Sasha – The Fearful Shepherd Who Showed It By Forms Of Aggression


Piper the Chocolate Lab – End of Week One Off Leash

Wish – Deaf Great Dane And Her 3 Week Journey At BTK9T Before Her Adoption

High Energy Dulcie Sheds Her Reactivity To Have A More Pleasurable Walk

Prong Training Collar Introduction With Beau – The English Yellow Lab Puppy

Tug on Recall

Henry – Nervous, Anxious Cane Corso Pup’s Transformation

Kona Having Fun at BTK9!

Puppy Training at BTK9 Part II

Early puppy training with strong leadership is crucial to the development of your K9 companion

Dog Training Here Consists Of Field Trips As Well! Piper’s Visit To Bass Pro Shop

Fearful And Reactive Boy Cash Gets Proofed On His Last Day With Us At BTK9T

Bane – 4 Days Before Going Home

Watch what used to be an extremely reactive GSD make good choices at Bass Pro Shops 4 days before he goes home!