Prong & Remote Training Collars

Prong Collars and Remote Training Collars (e-Collars) in Balanced Dog Training

Two of the most effective training tools for balanced dog training are prong collars and remote training collars.

When employed by experienced balanced dog trainers and the dog owners we teach, prong collars and remote training collars, also known as e-collars, are very humane and effective dog training tools.

Balanced dog training works because it uses both positive AND negative reinforcement to emulate how dogs behave in a pack, which is the natural state for a dog.

In a pack, there are rules and boundaries. Good behavior is rewarded with peaceful coexistence with other dogs or may be rewarded with play. Negative behavior is corrected by members of the pack.

Communicating with a Dog using Prong Collars and e-Collars

The key to communication is using a common language. Both the prong collar and the e-collar are used in the exact same way: pressure on, pressure off. PRESSURE, not pain; just like using the reins when riding a horse. We apply pressure through the prong collar or e-collar when we give a verbal cue and release the pressure when the dog commits or completes the behavior. With consistency, this teaches your dog to follow through with verbal commands reliably. Not only does reliable follow through give you a well-mannered dog, but can save your dog’s life, for example dropping something that could be dangerous to swallow or coming back when called should they be running towards a busy street.

Balanced Dog Training at Breakthrough K9 Training

You can see an amazing change in a dog when rules, boundaries and leadership are clearly established, and that’s what we do at Breakthrough K9 Training. In our dog training programs, we employ two of the most effective training tools for balanced dog training: prong collars and remote training collars. Proper training doesn’t only teach your dog good manners, but in a dangerous situation it can save your dog’s life.

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