Winter brings snowy landscapes and chilly temperatures, which can pose unique challenges for our canine companions. As pet parents, it’s essential to take extra precautions to ensure our furry friends stay safe, warm, and healthy during the colder months. Here are some valuable tips to keep your dog safe and happy this winter.

Dress for the Weather

Just like us, dogs need protection from the cold. Depending on your dog’s breed and size, consider investing in a well-fitted coat or sweater to provide warmth during outdoor activities. Dogs with shorter fur or lower body fat might need extra insulation to stay cozy when temperatures drop.

Paw Protection

Ice, snow, and road salt can wreak havoc on your dog’s paws. Protect their sensitive pads by using pet-safe ice melts on your property and wiping their paws after walks to remove any chemical residues. Dog booties offer excellent protection against the elements and help prevent ice build-up between their toes.

Control Outdoor Exposure

While dogs love romping in the snow, it’s essential to limit their time outdoors during the most extreme cold. Shorten the duration of walks and outdoor play sessions, and consider indoor activities to keep them mentally stimulated and physically engaged without overexposing them to harsh weather conditions.

Hydration Matters

Don’t forget that staying hydrated is crucial, even in winter. Dogs can become dehydrated in cold weather, especially when indoor heating dries the air. Monitor their water intake and consider adding warm water or broth to their meals to encourage drinking.

Watch for Warning Signs

Be attentive to signs of hypothermia or frostbite in your dog. Look out for shivering, lethargy, pale skin, and cold extremities. Should you notice any of these symptoms, seek immediate veterinary care. Remember, older dogs, puppies, and those with certain health conditions are more vulnerable to cold-related issues.

Maintain Physical and Mental Exercise

Shorter daylight hours and inclement weather can disrupt exercise routines. Keep your dog mentally stimulated with indoor games, interactive toys, or training exercises. Maintaining a regular schedule of physical activity and mental engagement is crucial for their well-being during winter.


Winter brings its own set of challenges for our canine companions, but with the right care and attention, you can ensure your dog remains safe, warm, and content throughout the season. By implementing preventive measures, monitoring their health, and providing adequate protection from the cold, you can enjoy the winter wonderland with your furry friend while keeping them safe and healthy.  Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in ensuring your dog’s comfort and well-being during the colder months.  Here at Breakthrough K9 Training, we have indoor and outdoor training areas so our students get plenty of fresh air…weather permitting.