Dog Training Programs

The Breakthrough K9 Training Board & Train Dog Training Program

Imagine the freedom you and your dog can experience together after dog obedience training at BTK9:

  • Your dog comes every time you call him, despite distractions
  • Your dog walks politely by your side on a neighborhood walk or at a crowded park
  • Your dog calmly lays in place while friends walk through your door
  • Your dog calmly lays beside you when at a restaurant or outdoor event

Stop daydreaming and let us help you start living! Achieve real life results in as little as two weeks at BTK9!!


3 Week Board & Train

Most Popular!
  • 2 Week Board & Train, plus 1 additional week for:
  • Advanced e-collar tuning
  • Addressing a specific negative behavior

4 Week Board & Train

Great for special needs dogs
  • 2 Week Board & Train, plus 2 additional weeks for:
  • Advanced e-collar tuning
  • Addressing more stubborn negative behaviors
  • Additional socialization for nervous or aggressive dogs

5 Week Board & Train

For severe behavior issues
  • 2 Week Board & Train, plus 3 additional weeks for:
  • Advanced e-collar fine tuning
  • Addressing the most severe negative behaviors
  • Additional socialization
  • Re-patterning positive behaviors
Program Notes:

  • All dogs must be crate / potty trained prior to participation in any BTK9 training program.
  • BTK9 will not accept any dog into a board and train program that is currently undergoing treatment for infections / ailments: e.g. ears, eyes, skin, etc.
  • BTK9 will administer all preventative medicine as needed such as flea, tick and heartworm treatments.


The Breakthrough K9 Training Approach

We specialize in state-of-the-art, low-level, communication-style E-Collar dog training. Combined with real life distractions, E-Collar training allows for ultimate off-leash freedom and control!  Modern E-Collar Training utilizes the most gentle remote communication, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available.

Solid obedience requires a lot of initial repetition work, which we do for you in our Board & Train dog obedience and training programs.


Obedience Training Review at Pickup

When you pick your dog up, be prepared to spend up to 2 hours as we walk you through everything he’s learned to ensure you are empowered to continue leading him when you get back home. Your commitment to training contributes greatly to your final outcome, you will need to be passionate about maintaining this new life-style by using the same commands and structure here going forward.


BTK9’s Board & Train vs Other Dog Obedience Training Programs

You can choose a less expensive, less intense obedience class, meeting one day a week with the same group of people and dogs, and your dog may learn to walk on a leash while following others in a circle, in a small room, with little to no real life distractions. The minute you’re back home and the UPS guy rings your doorbell, will your dog stay calmly in place or charge the front door barking and jumping?

No basic obedience class can offer the level of distractions our real-life board & train exposes your dog to.


Obedience Training for Special Needs Dogs

Dogs with special needs, for example dogs that are deaf or blind, often need additional time and patience to solidly learn adaptive communication skills. That’s why we recommend a 4 or 5 Week Board & Train Program, which will provide more time to really solidify new positive behaviors and new communication skills.


Obedience Training for Nervous or Aggressive Dogs

Dogs that are nervous or aggressive often need additional time spent on socialization to build their confidence. We recommend a 4 or 5 Week Board & Train Program for nervous or aggressive dogs, which will provide extra socialization time for stronger confidence building.


Obedience Training for Dogs With Severe Negative Behaviors

Dogs with the most severe negative behaviors have likely been patterned for years with those negative behaviors. It often takes more time to undo the negative patterning and then start over by re-patterning positive behaviors, and that’s why we recommend a 5 Week Board & Train Program for the most severe negative behaviors.


Are you and your dog ready for a breakthrough in Dog Training?

From our training facility in the greater Richmond, VA area, Breakthrough K9 Training proudly serves clients throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and DC.