Dog Training in Virginia Beach, VA

There are a wide range of professional dog training services available to Virginia Beach, VA dog owners that can effectively address almost any issue you and your dog might be facing.

Dog trainers will all have their own methods and programs that focus on certain areas of expertise and it’s important to find ones who offer high quality services and that suit your dog’s needs.

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One of the most effective styles of dog training involves boarding your dog with the trainer for a short but impactful time in which training is integrated into the duration of a 2-to-5-week program. This highly popular method is called Board & Train dog training and works so well because your dog will be immersed in an intensive training program, working with a professional in a controlled environment. Breakthrough K9 Training is a leading board & train dog training program available to Virginia Beach, VA dog owners.

For dogs with distinct aggression or reactivity issues we offer a dedicated Board & Train program that is another extremely effective option of training available in Virginia Beach, VA if you are looking for help addressing more specific issues. If you are looking for premium dog training services, Breakthrough K9 Training is here to help you achieve your dog training goals.

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What is Board & Train Dog Training?

A Board & Train dog training program is a lot like a sleep-away camp for your dog. They will spend a period of typically 2 to 5 weeks living with the trainers, learning, practicing, exercising and of course having fun! If you want your dog to receive the highest level of training, this dedicated time to work with a professional will yield some remarkable results. We will use a variety of techniques during your dog’s stay, including E-collar training, a proven method we can use to give your dog off-leash freedom during the training process.

By living at the training school, there will be a high level of consistency to your dog’s training for the duration of the program; this is the key to reinforcing the skills they learn. Our Board & Train programs fit a variety of needs from basic skills development and puppy training, to working with dogs with aggression or anxiety issues. Whatever your goals are for your dog’s training and progression, these intensive programs are extremely effective.

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Is Board & Train Dog Training Worth the Cost?

There are many benefits that come from giving your dog proper training, a well-trained dog will feel less stress and anxiety in their daily life, be more confident and independent, they will be safe in potentially dangerous situations, and there will be an open line of communication between the two of you encouraging a stronger bond. The happier and more secure your dog feels the better you will enjoy your time together and feel more relaxed yourself.

A Board & Train program gives your dog the best training where they can work with a professional daily and learn in a dedicated environment away from the distractions of home. If you are struggling to dedicate enough time to training your dog, or they have some specific challenges you aren’t able to tackle alone, then a Board & Train is an excellent solution for you and your dog.

Dogs with specific issues like reactivity or anxiety will benefit from a more enhanced Board & Train program, where the training is handled by professionals who will be giving your dog the 24/7 training attention that they require. If you are tired of feeling nervous about bringing your dog into public places or having a dog that jumps all over guests coming into your house, a short stay with a professional dog trainer might be just what your dog needs.

At-home training is a great way for pet owners to build a stronger relationship with their dog and to spend some quality time together; however, in dog training consistency is the key to lasting results, and most owners really struggle with providing this at home. If you have a busy schedule or a hectic home your dog may not be receiving the training they need for success and can slip into bad habits like excessive chewing, barking or reactivity around other animals and in public.

In a Board & Train program your dog will get to work with world-class trainers while living in a dedicated learning environment that maintains a high level of structure and consistency. After a few weeks living and learning in a setting like this they will have a solid understanding of basic obedience and communication skills. If you are ready to see some impressive results, Breakthrough K9 Training is here to help Virginia Beach, VA dog owners with effective dog training programs.

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How is At-Home Training Different from Board & Train?

Dog Training in Richmond, VA by Breakthrough K9 Training

What Else Should I Know About Board & Train Dog Training?

Before committing to a Board & Train program it is important to understand that in order for the results of the training to last you will have some ongoing work to do at home in order to maintain what your dog has learned. The highly structured environment that your dog will be training in during the program is what makes it so effective; you will need to be prepared to follow up with similarly structured activities at home. The Board & Train will teach your dog their skills but maintenance is key and something that with a little persistence and patience you can easily achieve.

No doubt you will be missing your furry friend during the 2 to 4 weeks they are away from your Virginia Beach, VA home, but after a short adjustment period your pup will be having a blast at board & train and enjoying every learning-filled day. Before you know it, your dog will be back home by your side along with a newfound confidence and some very useful life skills. There’s no need to worry about changes in your dog’s personality or level of affection, they will still be the same silly dog you dropped off. The best part is watching a dog’s reactions at the end of a program when they are reunited with their family!

At the end of a Board & Train program your dog will be exceptionally excited to reunite with you and your family and to show off all of the fancy new skills they have learned. When you come to pick up your favorite little tail-wagger you can expect to spend an hour or two with us at the school while we show you your dogs new skills and teach you some tools for at-home maintenance. Your dog will move forward from this program with a newfound obedience and a higher level of communication that will be reflected in an even stronger bond between the two of you. Once you return to your Virginia Beach, VA home your commitment to continued maintenance training will be the key to reinforce everything they have just learned.

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What Should I Expect After a Board & Train Dog Training Program?

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Because of the wide variety of professional Board & Train services available to Virginia Beach, VA dog owners it is important to choose a program with top-class trainers and an excellent reputation. If you are looking for premier dog training services in Virginia Beach, VA, Breakthrough K9 Training is here to help you with more than 15 years of experience training and rehabilitating dogs of all ages and breeds. We have an outstanding reputation as trainers dedicated to being the best and continuing to offer effective, high-quality services. If you are looking for Board & Train dog training services, we are excited to offer a variety of programs to fit you and your dog’s needs. We have spent a lifetime working with dogs and understand how important it is to build a strong relationship with your pet. If you are ready to advance your pup’s training and reach a higher level of communication between you and your dog, fill out our contact form or give us a call today!

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