BTK9T Tip: Is your dog afraid of EVERYTHING? Some dogs show their fear by some form of aggression and many of us have seen dogs that run and hide from everything. All of this can be from a bad background where the dog experienced negative things or it could be breeding or a combination of both. But like many other behaviors, dogs will continue these reactions to fear if allowed to. “How do I fix it?” you ask. The answer aside from your normal rules, structure and boundaries are specific training regiments immersing your dog in what makes him fearful – every day! Whether it’s vacuum cleaners, bicycles, trash cans etc, you start of with bits and distance at a time while at the same time, advocating for your dog and letting them know you will not let that evil thing hurt them. The goal is getting them closer and closer to what scares them and having them feel comfortable or at the very least, know they can cope with it!

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