How many times have we walked down the street and noticed someones dog – whether it was in a yard or someone walking past with their dog, and that dog lunges, snaps or barks in a menacing way? Most say, “Oh! That’s an aggressive dog!” Or how many times have we heard people say when they witness something like that, “That dog needs to be put down!” Statements like this couldn’t be more further from the truth. The fact is, the majority of the time it is many smaller issues that were left unaddressed that caused behavior like this. In fact, there is rarely a dog that “attacks” someone just for the sake of attacking. The majority of what people witness as “aggressive behavior” is behavior manifested because that dog has not had any of the following: leadership, structure and boundaries. The dog reacts this way because it does not know how to handle the situation at hand! So when you’re thinking of buying a puppy or adopting a dog – have a plan in place. A plan consisting of you arranging to start training as soon as you bring the dog home. If you lack the knowledge (and don’t be shy about it!), find a reputable trainer in your area. A reputable trainer will stay committed and follow up with you and make sure you understand and apply the methods they used.

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