BTK9 Thought: The one thing we expound on when it comes to our clients (and this may sound a little blunt), however – many times when it’s time for a pick up session, we are not giving you back a “Lassie”. There is no wave of the magic wand. This of course all depends on what the issues/behavior was. We have the dog for two weeks, give or take. So many times, issues like aggression, guarding, brattiness etc. are behaviors (or symptoms) that have been patterned over a longer period of time than say, a two week board and train program. We give the dog and the owner new behavior and choices to pattern. Out with bad, in with the good!

When the dog goes home, the same exact structure and leadership must continue at home to a TEE! The owners are truly the ones that will make it work with steadfast dedication.

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