We have had a couple of these this past year. The first shot is a screenshot of our two week board and train price. But, notice the requirements…”ALL DOGS MUST BE CRATE/POTTY TRAINED”. There is a very good reason for this. If we spent all of our time crate and potty training and cleaning up messes as you see here, we would not have near the time to do actual dog training. We completely understand there may be an occasional accident, it happens. This particular dog had two late night rotations before we went to bed. When we got up at O’Dark Thirty to let the dogs out, there was poop all in the crate. After letting this dog out and cleaning it up, the dog peed two more times in the crate during rotations. We hate to send dogs home before their time because our program opens up so many possibilities for dogs and their families. PLEASE! If you are considering our program, make certain you have taken the time to crate and potty train your dog. If your dog isn’t crate or potty trained yet, we have several colleagues that do great in home training that we recommend.