So folks inquire sometimes, why so stringent in our requirments in regard to dogs being up to date with vaccines etc as it pertains to our board and train program. Especially the fecal exam. Well, the first reason being, our insurance required it. If you operate this type of business and do not ensure your clients…you are asking for trouble. That’s how seriously we take your dog’s experience with us. There is a reason behind everything we do. Note our requirements that you see on our deposit invoice in the photo…current on all vaccines, preventative meds and a fecal float to ensure no parasites. A dog with any parasite that gets excreted into the soil, well…it’s so hard to get rid of them in the soil. Yes, most owners are current on preventative meds however, nothing is 100%. We will not admit any dog that has active, transportable parasites as well as dogs that are undergoing any treatment for irritations, infections etc. These things many times cause discomfort which in turn can adversely affect training and, other dog’s health. We do this to ensure the safety and health of every dog that is scheduled to benefit from their BTK9 experience!