Over the years, I have heard so many naysayers speak about crates (for dogs) and how anyone could ever keep their dig in a crate for any length of time. Now the truth? down time for your dog in the crate is one of the best things you can do for your dog! As a matter of fact, once your K9 companion has grown into an adult and is fully crate trained – there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving him in the crate during the day while you work, run errands for a few hours etc. You see, it is much like “Place” training. Place is a designated spot i.e.; dog bed, cooler, floor matt etc where you dog is put on cue and stays. He can do what he wants on Place as long he does not leave. Both crates and Place allows your dog to have down-time, calming his body and mind which allows them when they are released from either – make better decisions. So start crate training your dog today!

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