Flenderson is a very fortunate, 7 yr old Basset Hound who was recently adopted by our good neighbors. In conversation about their “adoption story”, our friend shared why they adopted a mature dog versus getting a puppy. While they were tempted like so many of us to adopt/buy a puppy, this would be their first dog and ultimately and wisely decided that a more mature dog would be a better fit for their family and lifestyle at this time.

Kudos to them! Not only did they rescue a dog from a shelter, who likely would have been overlooked just because he wasn’t a cuddly little puppy, but they also are reaping the benefits by being able to enjoy hanging out with Flenderson that much more because he is already house trained, quite a bit calmer than your average pup, and has a super cool personality!

Our friends talked of getting a dog for at least a year now and have done a lot of research on different breeds from Great Danes to Dachshunds. Exercising their own impulse control, rather than rushing out to get the first puppy posted on Facebook or Petfinder, they really thought about their current life style and schedules and decided an adult dog would be a much better fit.

If only more dog owners would take the time to evaluate the pros/cons of getting a puppy, there would be far less dogs in shelters! Puppies pull at our hearts and emotions in a very strong way, but puppies don’t stay cute and cuddly forever. They go through mouthing (play biting), jumping, potty training, chewing (not just toys, but shoes, blankets, sunglasses, some even through drywall…) Far too many people give into their emotions and bring home a puppy not really prepared for the TIME, PATIENCE, AND MONEY it takes to potty train, work through the teething, and pay for quality training and then follow through until obedience commands are really solid!

Thankfully, we have met some really great puppy owners who are dedicated and realistic about what it takes to train and raise up a well behaved and balanced adult dog. This blog though, is to really encourage folks to take a step back and honestly evaluate your current lifestyle and schedules when thinking about getting a new dog. Adult dogs have so much going for them and often require so much less time, patience, and money. Your lifestyle may well be a better fit for an adult dog who is already a bit calmer and has some of the basics like house training under their belt. You might just find the match of your dreams!

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