BTK9T Tip: Great dog trainer and friend, Dave Caramico with Empowered K9 Training in Arizona brings up a good point recently. Your dog needs a leader! Think about it…you are the leader or “Alpha” the moment you rescue a dog or buy a puppy. It’s so sad that so many times that people will procure a dog or puppy and act as if it’s maintenance free. Your dog will mimic whatever you do and whatever energy you send out. For instance, what do many households do when the doorbell rings? “Someone’s at the door!!!” or “I’ll get it! I’ll get it!!!” then a stampede to the door. Then some wonder why their dog does the same. That’s where so many bad manners such as jumping, barking or even some forms of aggression can surface. Act and behave around your dog like you would want your dog to do the same around humans!

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