The next few weeks and months may be challenging, but everything is normal here at Breakthrough K9 Training!

Located in rural Central Virginia, we continue to welcome all clients and dogs. Breakthrough K9 Training is, and always has been, meticulous about maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all our dogs in training, our clients, and ourselves. But we’ve implemented some additional precautionary procedures, anyway.

Keeping you and your dog healthy

There is no evidence of dogs catching the COVID-19 virus. Due to conflicting reports of transmission of the virus through dog petting, we’re taking extra precautions. We deal with all our clients strictly on a one on one basis and we never hold group classes plus, we are implementing the following:

  • When you drop off your dog, the only belongings we will accept will be your dog’s food. Even leashes will not pass through the drop off area.
  • We are discontinuing the indoor field trips we normally conduct as part of the training program; outdoor field trips will continue.
  • Our staff have been advised to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing both at BTK9 as well as in their personal lives.
  • As part of the “Go Home” process, all dogs will receive a thorough, sanitizing bath.

All our new procedures are posted throughout the facility to ensure they are followed consistently.

Cleanliness & Sanitation

Breakthrough K9 Training has always had strict procedures for maintaining cleanliness, and they are physically posted throughout our facility to remind our staff to follow all of our cleanliness and sanitation guidelines.

  • We only accept dogs that have received all age-appropriate vaccinations.
  • Vacuuming, dusting and disinfecting are a daily task.
  • All food/water bowls and toys are routinely sanitized.
  • All HVAC and dehumidifier filters are routinely cleaned.
  • Our training and kennel environments are thoroughly sanitized after every dog leaves.
  • Our dogs are regularly inspected and brushed.

In addition, we recently completed construction of a new kennel:


Also, we have a newly renovated play yard:

Your dog’s emotional health

Dogs are extremely attuned to human emotions, so let’s all remember to be alert to any changes in the demeanor or behavior of our dogs as they are forced to adjust to changes in their daily routine as a result of changes in OUR behavior and demeanor. Breakthrough K9 Training is available should you need any assistance.

Stay Safe

Breakthrough K9 Training is dedicated to the health and well-being of your dog, and you. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.