BTK9T Tip: The leash…it’s an extension of you! If you are a current dog owner and are looking for leash training, or you are considering purchasing or rescuing a dog and looking for same – please consider the following: We fully endorse and proudly encourage the purchase and PROPER use of the prong collar! When used correctly, you will not believe the the change in demeanor in your K9 companion. When we walk our pack and others pass us with their dog on a choker, harness or so on – and their dog is pulling, lunging barking and gasping, we often hear the following: “Your dogs are so well behaved!”. After they see the prong collar it is followed by, “Oh, you use those…” One time my response was, “My point exactly!” You see, when you have a situation like this and the other party you encounter is letting their dog pull, bark and lunge and all they are doing is holding on as tight as they can – all they are doing encouraging their dog by letting him pull with no correction. In fact, I will go so far to say it’s just like teasing a dog! In law enforcement K9 training, when they have a “green” dog with a high drive, they put it on “the pole”. The role-player bad guy (with protective bite gear) approaches the dog yelling and antagonizing it yet, just out of reach with no corrections to the dog. Almost like looking in the mirror. So when you are looking for a new dog or pup, please…do your homework! Find a reputable dog trainer in your area that will put you in the right direction to have people say, “Oh! What a well behaved dog!”

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