BTK9T Tip: I am not going be judgmental and say other training methods are wrong – especially if I have never tried them. I will however advocate for the methods and tools we use like the prong collar and the e-Collar. Critics call them torture devices and cruel and inhumane methods. And this begs my point…they have never used these tools however, they will criticize those who properly use them. One of their main arguments regarding tools like these is that dogs should not be corrected. Think about it – have you ever watched a show about a wild dogs or have you ever observed a balanced pack of domestic K9s? What do they do when one steps out of line? They correct it!! Not by talking to the offending dog in baby voices and licking him. They deliver a correction! Whether they are wild or domestic, dogs are pack animals and that includes how they view their owner. So before you write off e-Collar and prong collar training – find a trainer in your area that instructs in the proper use of these great tools. I think you’ll be surprised!

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